The detailed criminal offences and civil violations of the TV show “Fiks Fare” and television channel Top Channel:


Not being able to catch cases of corruption or violations every night, since the program is broadcasted every night, the show tempts their target by sending provocative journalists female who offer money, sex etc. The situation created is not real but it’s fabricated. According to the law in European countries Unauthorised or Impermissible Provocation is not a criminal offense for the victim of provocation but for the person who provokes. This offense reminds and is taken from the communist era, in which there is not a real situation but a fabricated one as mentioned previously. This is a typical tactic which was used by the Communist State Security agents when they wanted to imprison the opponents of the regime.

Intrusions into the private life, violation of privacy: in the case of the former Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Mr. Pango, there was a violation of privacy because the one who provoked him (the female journalist sent by the agents of the TV show) went to his house half naked at 9 pm and the video was filmed inside his house. In other cases, the provocations have occurred in work environments such as offices, or in private work environments, as well as in private lives of people, recording private lives and faces of people, their conversations and broadcasting them in an illegal way.

Moreover, the news was transmitted and sent to foreign agencies and the news was completely distorted saying that the Minister asked for sex in exchange for a job. This is an illegal transmission but also a public distortion with the intent to bring his public image into disrepute internationally. However, the foreign agencies and foreign Media did not mention that the young journalist lady was sent at Mr Pango’ s house, half naked by night in order to provoke. Therefore, foreign Media agencies did not show the context but only the aspects of the story that could attract more audience.

Illegal Surveillance: through hidden cameras and small recording apparatus which are allowed to be used only with a mandate from the prosecutor, the program in question does not have a mandate from the prosecutor to use these cameras for recording purposes in order to record violations or instances of corruption. Although, the prosecutor and the Albanian Court has convicted some of the victims of the program in an illegal way, based on the results of the illegal recordings. Examples of convicted people in these circumstances: Ms. Zana Shoshaj, Mr. Dritan Sula, convicted based on tapes recorded during the fabricated provocation through a provocative journalist, Ms. Alkida Bedini as the seducer of Mr. Dritan Sula, in order to induce him to make statements related to child exploitation issues. The same journalist, Ms. Alkida Bedini has done many others provocations.

Illegal Broadcasting of the personal/individual image and its disparagement: broadcasted in a continous manner within the same time period. These are some practices of the Chinese cultural revolution or used by a communist regime Albanian magazine called “Hosten” where the director of the program “Fiks Fare” was a member. This magazine used to publish public images of people and bring them into disrepute. The image shows them (the victims) as being disreputable and the TV program, in this case “Fiks Fare” judge the people preemptively, before the court or the prosecutor does it. Considering that one of the basic principles of Human Rights is the “presumption of innocence”, despite the final judgment of the Court or the prosecutor, the persons are condemned in the public opinion. The TV broadcasting of the images has destroyed human lives and careers which no one can compensate for.



It is worth it to remember that the person who organizes all these acts is Mr Filip Cakulli (the director of the program “Fiks Fare”). He has got a criminal record with previous convictions during the Albanian Communist Regime. He has been publicly accused and charged as a spy of the Communist State Security and has convicted persons during the Communist regime through his denunciations. The Albanian Democratic Party has provided the full criminal record of his previous convictions and the local TV channel TV Klan published them in the last week of January 2011. 

One of the victims of Mr Filip Cakulli during the Communist dictatorship was Fatbardh Kupi, convicted and imprisoned for 12 years as a result of his denunciations regarding a high school essay where Mr Kupi expressed ideas which were against the Communist regime. After this fact, Mr Fatbardh Kupi was punished for 12 years imprisonment for “Agitation Propaganda”.


Some of the victims of the local TV channel and TV show “Fiks Fare” and the consequences they suffered after the fabricated situations and tapes after they were broadcasted in the media:

1- Mr Alfred Sejdiaj: Former diplomat, Lecturer of German Language and well known translator, candidate for Ambassador. Consequences: destruction of his career, his life, his health and the livelihood of his whole family, divorced from his wife, suffering of mental illness and emigrated, left the country after the charges. 

2-Llazi Binishi: Doctor in Medicine, he is from the town of Pogradec, currently unemployed and in a serious mental depressive state. 

3-Vigjilenca Mustafa: Former doctor, currently unemployed, destroyed mentally.

4- Nezir Bata: Former Lecturer of Turkish Language at the University of Tirana. He now suffers mental and psychological problems and is in a serious depressive state.

5- Joana Dudushi with the alias “Stela”: a young lady from the town of Vlora, was sent to the Unit of Sea Border as bait to border police officers in order to provoke the officers under the pretext of “checking their moral purity” and after they were filmed having sex with this girl, the sequences were broadcast and a couple of months later, the young woman was found dead in the most barbaric way in a deserted area.


There are numerous examples of people who were victims of the provocations caused by the TV Show since the program has been broadcasting from several years already and it continues ruining persons lives.


 Filip Ҫakulli a former spy of State Security has helped the regime to condemn innocent citizens during communist regime through the written denunciations. One of them is Fatbardh Kupi, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison due to a design for which the expertise of Philip Cakuli was considered it hostile. Click below to read the original document that proves Filip Ҫakulli as a spy state security.