The book "Psychotherapy" is a genuine first edition in such research, which has long lacked. It has an objective to recognize the science student psychological, social and medical problems of psychotherapy treatment of psychological disorders. On the topic of problems addressed in this book, it is a basic scientific material, not only for future psychologists, but especially a guide to physicians in clinical practice psychiatrist. In this voluminous work is described clearly and with professional competence a large part of scientific and anxiety disorders, mood, personality, etc.,is made a clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of any disorder. The book equips mental health professionals with technical methods for training with scientific psychotherapy basis, all kinds of psychological disorders. The specific illustration in this book is that along with the theoretical treatment of disorders, constitute the basis of clinical work in treatment of clients with psychological disorders.


Psychotherapy of behavior and  recognition is the theoretical basis of the book. That is the most modern psychotherapy applicable, aimed at correcting the perception, thinking, imagination, memory of the many elements of knowledge and wrong conduct of inappropriate twisted, of persons suffering from psychological disorders.


One part of the book, that with client based or rogeriane, occupies a smaller part and is known for introducing the reader interested in a different field of psychotherapy, which can be found on extending other manuals.


The book is equipped with batteries of tests for diagnosis of problems, and on a small psychological vocabulary. It is available in all parts of its vast extent and for the reader who can thus recognized the psychological order problems still not recommended to be treated by a psychiatrist, but the psychologist. With such problems can be found even common man, a fact that makes these problems be called "the lobby of psychiatry" and recommended to be recognized by anyone.

The book is republished 7 times.