Statistical methods in the Psychological Study

Statistical methods in the  Psychological Study

 In the study of psychic phenomena and processes, methods of experimental observation occupies a central place. The very genesis of psychology as a science is closely linked with the extent of experimental research in the field of study of mental processes.

Strongly influenced by the classic way of conception and definition of a science, psychology for centuries was rejected in order to cut any attempt to break the canons of theory and only that. Motivation of this contention was simply obscurantist or descent from a medieval scholastic argumentation. Even academic approach to the problem of expressing the same inability to enter this field study, but in more indirected way. As the psychic in its own essence is adimensional, in its study under this permit can not be implemented either measurement operations and figures language. The exit in scene of psychology as an independent science it’s not forced by the psychological analysis based on the method of introspecion, which began taking momentum in the first half of last century, but particularly studies conducted in the field of physiology of the overall system psychological the nervous and sensory organs of physics. In the Albanian. method of natural experiment studies, psychological character has found a significant place. In experiments that were undertaken in 70 years including children of age 6 years of compulsory school system, experimental and statistical methods were used widely. Even the phenomenon of accelerating physical and psychological of our children is one of the important phenomena of psycho-social nature. Scientific knowledge of this phenomenon, the size, impact and it’s results the organization of work for its lead experimental road is one of the most important problems that arises before our teachers and specialists in the field of education. In this context, the purpose of this book is that after a brief description of some of the main characteristics of the working methods of scientific research in the field of psychology, such as monitoring natural experiment, survey, etc.., to provide widely-processing method of interpretation based on scientific, statistical, mathematical data gathered from them. The massive use of this method also highlights the fact that it is a processing method necessary to join any other method.